Video: Republican Senator Rand Paul Advocates for 10% Flat Tax

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Most Americans favor a reform of the US Tax-code & structure, as this... The Senator seen here, in John Stossel interview...

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Republican Rand Paul has been very vocal against Obama Democrats, who have used the power of the military and taxpayers funds; without Congressional approval... As Obama moved toward a third war, to change leadership in a sovereign country...
Though his bill, to require 'Congressional war oversight', was defeated... He has clearly stood for policies, designed to keep Government in check; and Americans free"...
Note: He has also drawn "leftist" criticism in the form of "name calling" much as have our Founders... And has also faced their Alinsky-style tactics, the American people have come to recognize, and loathe..

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