Unthinkable: Obama Senate to hold back troop pay, to secure Tax-payer funded abortion lobby

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

So this is why Dems voted (Party-Line) against a Troop funding guarantee, at onset of the Obama budget impasse?

-Tyranny Alert: Harry Reid: We can't pass troop funding bill because it bans Taxpayer funding of abortion in D.C. #
-House (R) MicheleBachmann tweets:
#Congress will be paid while our troops are backpaid if the govt slows down. If this occurs, I'll donate my pay to a #military nonprofit. web
Democrat controlled Obama Senate is placing funding for their key abortion lobbyists, on the backs of our troops?! UNTHINKABLE!
-Lib Media covers war efforts, why not Obama troop defunding?

House-not-divided is with bi-partisan support for a 1-Week Extension; absent Gov funding for OBAMA Abortion Lobbyists...

-Termed as "distraction" by Obama WH: [Read]
-House (R) JimDeMint tweets:
Funding troops is not a "distraction." Dems are choreographing a shutdown to distract the public from their leadership failures.
Dems have sorely failed to make their case to the American people, as evidenced in (D) Senate resistance to significant debt reduction...
But this (sadly) is not the first time they have stacked Politics onto our troops in the front lines... Yes, in 2008...

NOTE: Govt mismanagement is a thorn in the side of America; as HUGE majorities of Americans are motivated to reduce government, & its increased debt.

Though not preferred, a Shutdown will accentuate the need for increased privatization over increased Government; as the most urgent solution to debt...In my view

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