Southern State's Tornadoes, twist up into vortex-like structures (Update)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

From Anthony Watts: [Graph]
-Summary of the April 14-16 US tornado outbreak...
Points to NOAA postmortem summary of [Storms]

Video (below) unsuspecting residents looked overhead and saw not 1, nor 2, but... Three tornadoes! (1:31 Min)

-Astonishing 243 tornadoes in 13 "STATES"...
And in site of a few days (April 14-16); two of the tornadoes were powerful EF3s with estimated winds near 160 mph; with paths that twisted and stretched more than 60 miles…[Read]

More will be revealed as NASA preps launch technology, providing research of how planets lose atmosphere to space; & how much may have been stripped away by solar wind...(links below)

-NASA's Mercury: -MESSENGER flyby #
Global magnetic fields are leaky shields and, under the right conditions, are known to develop holes through which the solar wind can flow..[read]

-IMAGE: "Magnetic Tornadoes" [VIEW]
Image produced by NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Carnegie Institution of Washington. Via: Science/AAAS.

-NASA's MAVEN; (2013 launch) [read]
(Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution Mission)... Exploring how the Sun, uses its own breath, (the solar wind) and its radiation; to rob Mars of its air... And run the extrapolation backward in time. ;D
Today's Links...
Could you stop tornadoes before they start? #
io9 talks about the megastorms with atmospheric scientist Karen Kosiba, whose work is showcased in documentary Tornado Alley. [read]

-Video: NASA Kepler Findings: 3/17/11 [View]
Much possibility awaits... A positive note, with respect to USA's future space vehicles development...

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