Senator Ryan's Path reforms safety net, in order to save it; despite the Left's false narrative (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Heritage posts of the "hysterical attack machine targeting Ryan plan, full force... But once again, Senator Ryan sets the record straight; while drawing warm reception from capacity crowds at [town hall]...

-Read Katie Boyd article: []
-Read it: []

POLL: Seniors Most Favorable To Ryan Budget. [read]

It is odd that in the time that it takes to produce ads against the Senator's Plan; these same groups could have read it... But, note halfway into the clip, the interviewer questions the usefulness or waste of old people getting care…

While at the same time, their "attack mime" is:

"Imagine the suffering, pain and terror for those tens of millions of seniors under those circumstances. Where would they turn? Charity? Family members? Early death? And why? [Read]
I hope for the sake of this country, that Sen. Ryan's Path passes, NOW; instead of waiting until after the 2012 election...

Today's Listening Sessions: BURLINGTON 10:30am; UNION GROVE 1pm; STURTEVANT 2:15pm; RACINE 3:45pm -

WklyStd: Despite false narrative, crowds at this wk's and last wk's town hall mtg overwhelmingly supportive -

Video Caption: Speaking with CBS News before a listening session in Wisconsin's First District, House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan hits back on false partisan attacks leveled against the House-passed FY2012 Budget Resolution, which puts the federal budget on the path to balance and the economy on the path to prosperity. [read.]

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