While dancing the samba was on their social calendar; "bombs away" backs Libyan jihadi hotbed

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Libyan rebellion has radical Islamist fervor: Benghazi link to Islamic militancy: U.S. Military Document Reveals: [Read]

[From Ace]..... Turning things over to NATO is going to be a bit tricky because our, um, NATO allies, in Turkey [are blocking it.]

-Constant shift in goals... [story]
-Dem Kucinich fired up [more]

No specific announcement of goals, or case made with Congress; just a basic last minute notice onward to Foreign soil... A contrast with Bush months of warning, full Congressional authorization, and new demand to comply with UN Resolutions... [Read] (trumpeted as illegal)

-From Ace: Taking a shot at Bush in Chile; claiming that he "acted unilaterally" burdening U.S. Military"
Bush had 2 times more Coalition partners in Iraq;
[than Obama has in Libya] ..Compare it to [Now]

Obama Mission du Jour in Libya:
"Installing a democratic system"
How odd that from Tunisia to Syria, they all think that Democracy is "wealth distribution"....
Today's Links...
Video Protesters: "Hope for a change" to Democratic, "distribution of wealth" [View]
Reality Check: "unsustainable mass distribution" signifies the decline of Democracy...

Obama's Team...
-Economic Terrorism: Former SEIU Official Caught On Tape Advocating "Destabilization" of Nation's Economy In Order To Spur Redistributionist Socialism [Read]

Video: Remembering Obama: "Sub-prime Mortgages Started off as a Good Idea" [View] The way it's all playing out today; you'd think it was all a sinister plan, or something..... haha.

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