Unions violate equal protection; deemed a civil rights issue for private sector freedom

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

After Wisconsin, Unions tie cause to civil rights.[Read]
pdxnag (Comment) [volokh]
KEY: Recognizing a special class of people with special privileges is toxic to free government... Note: US Civil rights is mentioned by UK Unions (video)
ht: Warnews
Daniel Hannan..
'March for the Alternative'? WHAT alternative? [read]

The first obvious parallel between the British and US trade union movements is their almost complete colonization by the Left. [Read]

The second obvious is the absence of priority for preventing Govt insolvency; and priority of UNION "political" agenda (US/UK)
NOTE: The Private sector has lost 23% of its wealth; while Union bargaining power remains intact...

More from pdxnag: #
"Wisconsin, like other states, discriminates in favor of public employees by creating a special unique set of rules for investment trusts, for which everyone else is excluded.

One feature is the direct or indirect immunity from the private risk of investment loss for the member’s accounts. An argument could be made — should be made — that this violates equal protection."
Hortonville Ed. Asso. v. Joint Sch. Dist. No. 1, 225 NW 2d 658 — Wis: Supreme Court 1975 [read]
The basic question that must be answered in the affirmative before a denial of equal protection can be found is whether a difference in treatment amounts to invidious discrimination.

Look below (special note to: ¶ 15) and see if there is favoritism (invidious discrimination) in these very limited anecdotal snippets: Professional Police Ass’n v. Lightbourn, 627 NW 2d 807
— Wis: Supreme Court 2001

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