Japan Quake 2011: Reactor cooling & containment continues? (Videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-Press Release (Mar 12, 2011)
-Plant Status: Fukushima Daini N. Power Station [Tepco]

Many conflicting stories of the explosion shown here; touted as "controlled" discharge, to reduce pressure of reactor's containment vessel... -Fukushima Daiichi: [video]

-Shocking before & after: [ACE]
-Seismic Monitor: []
-USS Ronald Reagan arrives in Japan: [Read]

CH-46E Sea Knight helicopters flew to mainland Japan to provide rescue equipment Saturday. More aid is expected Sunday.

-U.S. Military Assists Post Quake Japan: #
Washingtonexaminer...Mar 11, 2011; USS Blue Ridge, arrived in Singapore to unload massive amounts of Humanitarian goods.. Further the USS Ronald Reagan carrier is equally accommodating in the Western ...[Read]

USS George Washington is based at Yokosuka near Tokyo; and 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit are also there. [Read].. (Video/r)

-Pentagon Chanel: [Refresh]

From what I can see, the "over 5 million" Japanese, now in the streets; are showing much more courage and calm after surviving their Country's shift of (8) feet; than the raging [primal wars], & US Union fight for [vacation pay.]
Today's Links...
-Japan’s Strict Building Codes Saved Lives: [read]
-Video-Even World's Best Technology... [BBC]
-Japanese are Tech Experts; but in all logic, temp to (285 C) is a stretch; maybe in months time. [More]

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