Insight into the hazard of a Nuclear melt-down; in Japan (Video) Update: Looks like ABC "lefty-bias"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

UPDATE: I question ABC edits on Video (below)
Where there are supposed concerns; I found a much more hopeful assessment than video (below)...
-Source: [energyfromthorium]
Q: What about the radiation? Will I be harmed?
A: No. These isotopes of xenon and krypton and iodine decay quickly. The most dangerous is iodine-131 and the public can be protected during the 30-40 days it will decay by taking potassium iodide pills. These are effective and should be used by people in the evacuation areas...[Read Full]

How much of the interview with my favorite Physicist, Dr. Michio Kaku, was edited by Lefty ABC, who has long joined efforts to prevent nuke energy in the USA...
ht: Video from W. Meister

After tragic announcement of: 6th failed reactor [Read]
Odd how ABC emulates "Fox-News", in voice, & questions...
But how much hit the cutting room floor...

-Read full (Q & A) Nuclear assessment: [Read Full]
-Re: The Safety of Nuclear Energy:
"Nuclear Power is far safer than chemical power and renewable power. Look at the burning refineries and gas lines. There are no burning reactors. People are scared of "radiation" and don’t understand what it means.

The media makes little attempt to tell them. I am trying to be a resource to help explain because I have had some training in this area. A dam gave way due to the earthquake. That’s not safe either." [Full]
The Japanese are of the finest Engineers and Scientists in the world... So, Japan is in very good hands...(my view)
Today's Links...
Press Release (Mar 13,2011) TEPCO: [Read]
Direct facts of impact to TEPCO's Facilities due to
Miyagiken-Oki Earthquake (as of 8AM)

NHK Tokyo, Japan Live TV #
Takes break due to another big aftershock: [View]

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