From the control tower: "And Houston Discovery for the final time...we will stop"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

And thus marks the end of an Historic Journey; as the Obama Administration impacts a scheduled end to NASA 'US manned' Space Flights... With two more to go...
Shuttle Endeavor's launch is projected for April 19; and Shuttle Atlantis (the last shuttle to launch) is projected for June 28... Mission Accomplished...
Updates- [here]
Thanks NASA, for the [Heritage] (now on sabbatical)

Despite Dem "Progressives" strike-down of funding for STS-135... In February 2011, NASA stated that STS-135 would fly "regardless" of the funding situation. [Read]

Today's Links...
NASA managers insist STS-135 will fly:
Payload options under assessment [Read]

NASA shuffles shuttle schedule:
Endeavour to fly after Discovery for final planned flight: #
NASA and its Int'l partners now plan to extend their use of the space station by at least five years to 2020... [Read]

-Nanny Dems push Cap'n Crunch into retirement.
As Liberal policy drives up unemployment rate; they go after 12 grams of sugar...[Read]

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