Daniel Hannan: Lessons Of The American Revolution (Videos 1 & 2)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Great videos of the ever respected Daniel Hannan...

A talk in Denver Colorado, about the essence of Freedom in America; and our most "taken for granted" Liberty.
ht/ MoxNews

-A European's Warning to America: [WSJ]
The EU places supreme power in the hands of 27 unelected Commissioners invulnerable to public opinion.... The will of the people is generally seen by Eurocrats as an obstacle to overcome, not a reason to change direction. [read]

We can now see where that road leads: to burgeoning bureaucracy, more spending, higher taxes, slower growth and rising unemployment. ht/ MoxNews

But an entire political class has grown up believing not just in the economic superiority of euro-corporatism but in its moral superiority. [must read]

Dems slowly divide society; hoping to build themselves a serfdom of peasants under Captive Tax Manorialism... They care not, if they create a deepened state of Feudalism, and loss of Freedom..... The American people reject this!!

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