This is the sound of State Union workers, who must contribute to a sustainable fiscal path. (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

(ht/IOTW; and norm)

-Interview explains what's going on: [Read]

State budget balance, sought between "producers & Union entitled" met with Government Union Rage... Good thing our Nation was designed to restrain Govt; and enable Americans to work "Free and United" (not, "Union Entitled")..
michellemalkin 2 Americas. 2 "American Dreams." Individual freedom vs collective entitlement. TeaParty vs MoveOn mob. Which way, USA?
-Democrat Union Mobs revolt against fiscal restraint, via threats of violence & profanity directed at Tax-payers!! [View!]

-Nine min of video; AFL-CIO-Union shouts sexually explicit & degrading comments at Female [Legislators]

This is not rocket science...
When you demonize and vilify the private sector earners; you marginalize private sector earners! And this reduces Tax funds, used to support salaries of Govt public sector...

The only answer is scrap the current "broken tax structure".. And adopt a 10% Flat Tax, for ALL...

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