Taxpayers forced to pay groups to vote money from the Treasury; and other Union tales.. (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Breitbart-TV uncovers a Video of Obama who leads SEIU chant; after vowing to paint the Nation purple.
(Video ht/ Big fur hat/dan ryan galt)

Unions, asked to help close the state budget by paying a very low percentage of State benefits; went ballistic!! And amidst violent arrests, tax-payer funded Soros (OFA) whips up Union frenzy; as Leftist groups surround the Governor's Family home.

Video: modest proposals of 'shared sacrifice' by (R) Gov Walker:

Today, Media [writes]... "Unions offer concessions"... But, it is logical that when a budget cannot be closed; a State Financial Adjuster shall impose "LAY-Offs'...

View Delusional Union protester: [VIDEO]

Taxpayers should have a say in bailout funds to groups, who use these funds for the purpose of promoting MORE TAX, and the massive Union Boss salaries and pensions that result...

The growth of small "non-union" family businesses must be protected from these massive Tax hikes... And judging from the Union's actions of the last several years; we need to protect "current Union workers" from their own UNION MAFIA!

Today's Links...
Thousands of Walker’s Supporters Arrive! [Read]
Threat of Union entitlement spending, is waking up the Tax-paying nation.

During Steve's health recovery...
[FTC examines New Apple Service for Violations]

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