Russian Military Satellite goes off radio contact... And other news stories

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Russian Military loses control of new satellite
Russia has lost contact with a recently launched GEO-IK-2 Reshetnev military satellite, the latest in a string of failures. [story] -ht/JDM.....(cont. below)

Shown here, launching an early-warning satellite to watch incoming ballistic missile launches...

(story cont.)
Space forces commander Lt. Gen. Oleg Ostapenko said the military was unable to establish radio communications with the satellite but is working to find its orbit and establish contact. Read more....

Hey, I'm sure they'll find the satellite...
But the next story is hopeless...

In other news...
Federal Judge scraps Obamacare, due to Unconstitutional Mandate... An action, confirmed in 08' by none other than, Comrade (said Constitutional Professor) Obama!

Mandate is unconstitutional, or there'd be more Democrat Politicians forced to buy tape recorders...

UPDATE: ...This from ACE:
#Legislator Introduces Bill To Compel All Citizens To Purchase a Gun for Self-Defense! ...(Haha!) :D

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