(R) Rand Paul highlights our Nation's History; and asks, "Is compromise the noble position?"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

(R) Sen Rand Paul gives an incredible First speech in the Senate which examines the cost of compromise; as cited in examples of our Nation's History...


As Democrat party-line pushes to raise the debt ceiling & increase spending; Conservatives & Independents demand roll-backs & cuts, to stop spending what we do not have!

(R) Rand Paul reminds Congress that entitlements & interest will consume the entire budget, if we do nothing about it.
"Any compromise must shrink the size of Govt sector, and expand the private sector... Any compromise should be where we cut spending; not where we raise taxes."
Far Left fails to understand that trims & roll-backs preserve entitlement spending. *<[;o)~~ Easily agitated by logic; this is why they attack opponents with (non-related) secondary issues.

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