Obama WH acts on Palin's short & tweet advice... Oh and yes, you're welcome (Videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Fox's News Alert: Sarah Palin tweets President Obama advice on how to deal with overthrow of Mubarak in Egypt...
(ht/Devonia Smith)
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(Political Transcripts Examiner)

Followed by this WH statement:
"We call on the government of Iran to allow the Iranian people the universal right to peacefully assemble, demonstrate and communicate that’s being exercised in Cairo." [Hill]
[Lori Calabrese] celebrates her [Birthday]
(Ginger) at IOTW has this video:

And "who knew" that Dem Progressive's 'so-called' crisis of "Capitalism" would turn out to be a crisis of "social democracy?"

Today, most countries are ditching the Obama Way; and favor trim-backs to entitlements, reduced taxes, and cuts to GOV bloat... :D

Why the Left Is Retreating Around the World! [Read]
Free-market parties rise across the globe, to avert fiscal suicide.

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