Found objects file: Reagan "Super Bowl coin-toss" video

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Differences between then and now and the games... Sport censorship, & today's sad inaccessibility...
[Gate closed]
Sports & U.S. identity: [Shocker]

**Packers Win!** [Read] -Matt

-America remembers Reagan...
Reagan's truth, honesty, and predictability, earned him so much respect; that even a simple "Super Bowl coin-toss" was said to have brought a tear to the eye...(View to the end)

Caption: President Reagan's 100th birthday and the Super Bowl happening the same weekend. What better reasons to re-live this historic moment from the Found Objects file... (h/t: Paul Slansky)

NOTE: Once lost, respect for leadership does not return like a game in the season... Therefore, if you love a Nation, and manage to seriously deceive it... Graciously step aside.

And hope history will forget dishonesty & distrust...

Or after 36 mo. it starts having a memory like an elephant :D

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