Dr. Thomas Sowell: “There really is no argument for continuing the Federal Reserve System” (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Dem Keynesian leadership is widening great obscurity for nation, failing to understand that investors do not hire in the climate of the "unknown." This will be known as the "great suppression" in private citizen investment planning.
-Ht/Say anything blog:
Interview with
Dr. Thomas Sowell

Progressive Dem Keynesian losses are bought up by non-Government entity, & returned to the people as debt; while bonuses are skimmed from top, by the few...

Only absent the grabs by the GOV, will independent U.S. Citizen privatizations increase; and if we are to protect future America; we must slowly replace the Fed reserve...
A few quotes...
"You can't be pro-jobs and anti-business"

Robt says:
"It's really the Marxist belief that the economic system should be used to effect social change... One of the meanings of "free market" is that it's free to produce any outcome, not what the social planners want to happen."

-Boehner on debt limit:
"If Ds want us 2 pay the bills 4 their spending spree, they're going 2 have 2 cut up the credit cards." http://bit.ly/e0L8j2

-A long-time goal...
Founder of the ACLU (30 yr reunion at Harvard) Written in classmate's year book... I am for socialism and for the destruction of private property ownership. To destroy the state as a corrupt institution and replace it with Communism...
(ht/ 7point62)

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