The Asteroid that Flattened Mars (Cosmic Journeys)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

An interesting (2009) Documentary of NASA explorations, which analyzed, explored, and mapped the surface...
Video improves as it progresses...

Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter would later reveal that Mars is actively remaking its landscape, after an asteroid event is said to have stripped its magnetic field...Repairing itself? ..Who knew.

Too funny... A comment on this video said:
"All we need to do is to send a ship load of politicians to Mars...
If there is anything to feed on - they'll find it" ...(Haha)

Today's Links...
GOP moves to return NASA to its intended explorations...
They'll be doing a little "redistribution" of funds; from wasteful Bureaucrats; to NASA Science funding of core missions. [Read]
While Dem-Marxists are busy making breast pumps a tax deductible expense; and pushing Obamacare Ins, which scraps 800,000 more [Jobs]

NASA Invents New Technique For Finding Alien Life
By adding a laser and an ion funnel to a mass spectrometer, it is possible to analyze the elements from the Martian surface directly, without the complex handling samples usually needed...[Slashdot]

Mars Robots to get new rayguns for finding life:
Inventorspot - Doug Bonderud - ‎12 hours ago‎
Thanks to scientists at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, the next generation of Mars-exploring robots might just get a new raygun to...[Read]

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