Their voices will be heard; as Referendum comes to Sudan (Jan 9th)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

A Government built upon transparency, accountability, & self-determination; are steps toward development of a prosperous future.

Flag of Sudan People's Liberation Movement (Photo courtesy Bertramz, Wikimedia Commons)

"President Bush helped to make the CPA a reality; and by that, this Referendum." [Read]

From video:
"This is the time for the people of South Sudan to stand up and choose their destiny. After many years of civil war and struggle, we finally have the opportunity in 01/09/2011 to vote for our own country. Our voices will be heard and we will make it to the promise land by the grace of God"...

-Gateway has more [HERE]
(Warning: Some graphic images of genocide)

Sudanese Refugees can vote in Omaha! #
"This is such an important issue to them. They left their country under difficult situations and I think that the importance and significance of this election will turn out more voters." [Read]

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