SOTU double-speak narrative, pushes more liberal tax/spend policy

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

[Lowest rated] speech finds Dems satisfied with "sounds of Govt" while Americans demand "sound Government."

Gateway:SOTU: First time in History a US President touts success of two Communist regimes [Video]

Obama conveniently forgets to mention entitlement reform; pushes for more "platitude policy" which requires more tax/spend... Tea Party response: [Video]

Dems suddenly claim to be Centrists; but look more like Pinko-elephants on parade.
Video fits. (Haha)

Obama Admin proposes high-speed trolleys; ignoring that nearly 5 years of Dem Majority "control of financial House & Senate" have produced 26 million people with nowhere to go...
Serious tipping-point...
It's Not a Sputnik Moment, It's a Stalingrad Moment: [Video]
Why no mention of Freddie & Fannie, still in receivership?

After "8 million FAMILIES are foreclosed upon due to the reckless crony investment bank race to create $14 trillion dollars worth of toxic assets." (ZH)

More SOTU double-speak, as Obama claims to want more teachers & edu reform, while supporting UNIONS who undereducate kids while enriching themselves; as they continue to block [edu reform]

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