Social posturing in late 1600's Salem; & political-left's posturing against opponents (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-A Visual Exercise:
In video below, substitute "witches" with "Conservatives" and substitute "puritan church bias" with "Dem Party"... And then substitute "European tradition of burning witches at the stake" with "burning Conservative's stake, using biased attacks to form a lie."

-UPDATE:-N.Y.Times noticed this also? [hotair]

-Similarities: Both formed by gossip, as nothing needed to be proven... However, today's opponents are "deemed guilty" without trial.

Political tragedy: Dems [rally] against opponents; at the same time Mexican gunmen shoot across border at Texas road crew!

Circumstances find many innocents falsely accused… Today, we're seeing the type of thug-Democracy that our Founders warned us about... Lending visibility to the idea of persecution (blame) instead of personal responsibility, which seems to be built into left's social structure…

Very similar to the Salem associates of 1692, who repeated the "mime" to protect against death (condemnation in 2011) from biased status-quo... But those who forget history, are doomed to repeat it; as Left-Media political savagery serves to strengthen Conservative respect & support...

-CONCLUSION: "In a civilized world, most find that we should investigate what our assumptions are." And, just as we are seeing today, the public began to doubt the "self-exempted" ruling class solutions... Quite soon afterwards, the people demanded its end... -(Obamacare comes to mind)

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