(R) Rand Paul response on SOTU and Dem Progressive's unfunded entitlements & job-kill Manifestos

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

The message of scaling back on Govt comes from over 70% of Americans... Mentioned here, his newly proposed bills; while "Social-Dem Progressive" Media spends its time creating more unicorn dust; to tarnish the voice of reason...


The people consider the economy as a front-line to Nat'l Security... But with every turn of policy, & charts of job figures; Obama Dems have been cognizant of increasing "vote" persuasions, above the priority of private-sector job recovery.

Doug M. also mentions the gross lack of coverage on Rand, by the Left's giant Dis-information center...

-Passing along this [Václav Havel] message:
(From at [ACE]; by Openblogger)
"The government has embraced an arrogant ideology. They claim to know the key to prosperity. It's analogous to communism. They thought the same thing. The clever ones - themselves - would run everything. That's the analogy...

The key to prosperity is to let things run themselves. We'll liberalize everything, let everyone look after himself, let business, not the state, run the economy. The state should have no views, no policies of its own. Just open it all up, step back, let it go and you'll see how well everything will work if we just leave things alone"... - Václav Havel

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