Political spins on a Madman lead to Left fund raisers, & book plugs...

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)
"There were Madmen then... There are madmen now"...
"Is it really the place of a Sheriff to stir the pot, on either side of the political isle?" ....Megan Kelly

-Rep. Giffords shared Tea Party position of Border protection for AZ.
She expressed much sadness for Boycotts of her state...

It is also very sad to see this tragedy politicized, in order to [demonize] Conservatives; and the more we learn about the shooter, the more it exposes the extreme bigotry of the "Progressives."
The Left is becoming the party of Lynch-mobbing:
-Never has Tea Party held signs like these: [MUST VIEW]

-Two Sicknesses On Display in Arizona: [Read]
-Dem group use this crime in fundraising effort: [Read]
-The President suggests gun violence: [Read]

In the loss of members of her staff, I truly believe that Rep. Giffords would be deeply saddened by the current development of Giddy Leftist partisanship, used to demonize fellow Americans...

My prayers for those families touched by this tragedy...

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