The only loonies Tea party incited were over tax-cuts; as loony Left pushed Big Business out of America (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Conservatives have been entirely patient; considering the state of the nation, insurmountable Whitehouse's errors, un-targeted waste, & fraud.
That's why Conservatives are the overwhelming post-election majority...
Dem Social Progressive-ists just can't take that: [Read]

A little look back at a "two years too late" issue...

A massive big jobs creator Tax cut should have come Jan 2009.... But Dem Majority dithered, and finally agreed to extend the Bush Tax-cut Obama Tax Cut, on.... Jan 1, 2011!

Largely known for never reading Bills or Legislature, Obama Loonies must have realized that they'd be (in fact) drastically raising Taxes, on everyone...

Years of drama later, Leftists still want to form Bigger Government to investigate those who do not want bigger Government... But the tip of the ice-berg is when "their own party" is starting to question it all...

But, we have to believe that light is at the end of the tunnel; as the only direction left to go, is exactly what newly elected Conservatives proposed, two years ago...

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