New type of engine for interstellar travel (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Be sure and take notes....
There will be a quiz afterwards.... (Haha)

While NASA is busily improving the aerodynamics & structures, for greater efficiency of the jet engine 'next step' change in fuel-burn [reductions]... The U.S. private sector is busy perfecting the new travel of our time... :D

-2010 was full of spaceport milestones: [VIEW]
-U.S. Spaceportamerica has been teaming with our private sector Companies; to set new goals & complete target dates.
On-going Construction: Spaceportamerica

-VIDEO: Incorporating successes of our old programs: [VIEW]
-VIDEO: Our Scientists take innovations, to new dimensions: [VIEW]
-Concept image: [Here]
Today we've created 44 hour non-stop fly-time, perfected methods toward reducing the costs of protecting allies, & much more...

And as energy costs spiral out of control, impacting the cost of food aid delivery... We shall remain unstoppable at our critical dawn of creative transformation; to continue to help those in need...
Keep positive, stay warm, & be safe...

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