Dems Squawk at $200B cost to scrap the "job killing" multi-Trillion$ Obamacare, few want

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

I say, off-set the Obamacare-scrap by cutting Dem's "unelected" [39 Tsars], reduce Dem's [$1.5 billion spy center]; and down-size millions of new U.S. alphabet agents; given (armed) & unlimited power over the people.

FACT: American people do not want to put the largely "irresponsible" & proven "incompetent" Gov't in charge of our Health Data, or evaluations!

Today... Dems Attack GOP for Reading Constitution on House Floor …Update: Few Dems Show Up for Reading... M. Malkin weighs in: [Video]

Left Media is calling it symbolic... The American Majority call it essential reading, in light of the numerous "unconstitutional" policy and procedural "kick-backs."
In fact, I was there when elderly U.S. Senior citizens stood with Tea party patriots to protect their individual choice to extend their own lives... Loyalist Liberal Media mocked them, and called them racists, insurgents...
Ace explains why [Read]
Pelosi's defense of the "unread" bill, was short-lived...

Once passed into law, hundreds of billions of stripped funding targeted Children's Hospitals & Senior Medicare... While abortion funding found its way back in, right along with the equivalent of death panels.

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