US recovery 2011: Reduce progressive-left's 'anti-BIZ policy' & Government liabilities drain

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Update: Gov't liabilities rose $2T for year! [read]

Americans observe how "Progressive left's" Union lobbyists prohibit reductions; while devouring the economy that pays to prop them up! We must make our Nation BIZ-friendly again; by reducing the drain against our recovery. ENABLE MORE PRIVATIZATION!

Unfunded GOV liabilities destroy private-sector job growth...
60 Min Video highlights (R) Gov Christie, as he continues to implement revisions to protect New Jersey, & improve State competitiveness.

While private sector suffers job-loss; Unions remain 'over-all' protected from sharing the benefits trim-back; despite their unsustainable benefits shortfall!

A precipitous calamity, brought-on by Union Dominance and support for Democrat politicians... (it is shown)

-New Congress Majority, committed to turn-around:
-By increasing a productive 'private sector'
-The Key is to experience "REAL" optimism:
-SA Currents reports:
"Improving growth, falling joblessness and a sense the U.S. is returning to "normal" could fuel a 20% stock market gain and make 2011 the "Year of the USA," says (GS) economist Jim O'Neill. The new year will mark "the beginning of a new phase in which the U.S. has strong GDP growth, but it will be led by exports and investment."
Conservative/Independent policies should have been implemented in the last two years... But watch closely for Voters of Lame Duck policy, designed to deepen "Federal State" dominance over our Constitutional recovery.

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