Umberto Castiello Team confirm, "social pre-wiring hypothesis"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Umberto Castiello and his team at the University of Padova, used state-of-the-art ultrasound to monitor the movements of five pairs of fetal twins, between 14 and 18 weeks of gestation...
-Image: []; © 2010 Castiello et al
"Twin caresses head of sibling" [fig "d"]

The results, reported last October, show that even the youngest fetuses in the study recognized and responded to the other twin. [read]
Earlier research had shown that within hours of birth, newborns already imitate the facial gestures of other people, indicating an inborn capacity for social behavior. The researchers call this "the social pre-wiring hypothesis." #
The miracle and complexities of rapid growth of life in the womb...

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Video: 1979 clip denotes cognoscente awareness of the fetus…
In some ways, being born may be like dying; as one utilizes faith & trust to retreat from all you have even known :D [View]

Babies Want to Be Social, Even Before They’re Born#
"The impulse to be social is so deep-seated in human consciousness that it’s even evident in the womb, suggests a new study on the interaction of twins just a few months after conception. [read]

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