Shocking old 'conspiracy footage' of the parallels of history

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

One might question the veracity of "New World Order" conspiracies... But few can discount how the archives of history have played out...
-Old Video (after 30 min) shows footage of a former regime...
-Angels And Demons Revealed...
-1:06:53 (worth the hour view)

-NOTE: The video is fuzzy (which is good) ...And is not aimed at just "one group" (which is also good.) ...Definitely not something to repeat. :|

History books mark the defining characteristics of merging (but short-lived) Communist take-overs; which begin with multi-level attacks upon Christians... Often aided by groups they will soon betray... A repeat theme, as evil casts it's shadow across the globe...
"An al-Qaida front group that claimed responsibility for the church siege (Baghdad) vowed to carry out a reign of terror against Christians."

But millions will finally rise-up against these attacks...
Which (in fact) to do nothing, we all become vulnerable...

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