Only 20 to 30% believe that Demcare will be good for the country; the rest are called “racist/fascists? Healthcare legal update

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

"Finding out what's in it" is sparking several new factors (state to state) which validate a repeal... "The individual mandate is not the only problem with the health law. Its draconian Medicaid mandates on states exceed Congress's spending power." (Barnett)
-Article by Randy Barnett: #"The requirement in Article I, section 8, that all taxes be expended for the “general welfare” helps explain why this is unconstitutional coercion." [Read]
The only groups that want this bill, are those "exempted" from it...
Newly revealed costs will triple Ins rates; despite Dem's "ration and restricted care" offsets (as the Insured will fund Democrat's "partisan exempted")

-Here's a polite and focused GOP discussion...

With a correction of Charles's claims that these aren't Death panels:
FACT: Nearly everyone in the developed world knows that when patients die while in a system that refuses them immediate care and also refuses to allow them to seek an alternative in their own country - It's a death panel.

"Sounds" of words bother Dems, and not so much "reality." They LIE about Bush Veto; Sec 1233 "end of life provision"; aka: Death Panels
-Video: Note female Dem's disrespect for these gentlemen: [View]

As many more states are taking legal recourse, to terminate this Bill, and restructure it:
More from Randy Barnett:
"The conclusion is clear. So long as Congress insists on threatening the taxpayers of any state that withdraws from Medicaid by sending their tax money to the other states—and, in the process, depriving them of the funds needed to assist their poorest citizens—federal courts should follow Dole and rule that the new Medicaid requirements are unconstitutional." [Read]
Tax-payers have suggested many viable alternatives...
But destroying over 70% of the market, is not one of them....
To name a couple... How about requiring visitors to obtain travel Insurance; as many Nations do... And how about saving "hundreds of billions" by prohibiting "anchor baby citizenship."
Every Nation must have a limit to which legal citizens must take-on.

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