Confusion: UN wanted Zelaya to stay, now wants Gbagbo to go; backs oppositions, despite National Constitutions? (Videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Everywhere you look you see rejection for "One world" Global Governance... Likely to spark the need for nations with resources, to strengthen the Sovereignty of their own Constitutional Council...

ALL Nations (large or small) should retain the right to arbitrate their own elections, in peace; without a potentially "destabilizing" foreign press.
Especially when the number of voters largely exceed those on the voting list... Said to be the reason why this Leader halted voting blocks for his opponent... (Int'l-style "ACORN" is a reality.)

"Review of elections" are well within the Ivory Coast's Constitution... Gbagbo also requests Int'l panel to review; requests his opponent to support recounts of the election.
-Video, worth the view...

I'm not in support of any leader... I just question the method of "Global Ganging"... And the rush; as Laurent Gbagbo opposition already has its cabinets set up, ambassadors, and UN envoys, after an "unofficial" announcement of election result...

The new Cote d'Ivoire Ambassador Yousoufou Bamba says that the real issue is Human Rights; but there are no convictions against Gbagbo...
At least, not at this point...

With the over-all issue of individuality and struggle for Independence for Africans of history; this country needs to be able to solve its own disputes independently from Foreign influence, and Foreign Media... Lest this leads to questions of the timing; and deepened lack of trust...

The Ivory Constitutional Council remain the only authority to provide the final results of the elections not the Independent Electoral Commission...In so many ways, this has vague similarities with those who fought the UN to protect their Honduran Constitution...

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