Clinton appointed Fed District Judge impeached in Senate: Unanimous tallies ranging from 412-0 to 423-0

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

After a rare impeachment trial and closed-door deliberations. The Senate voted to remove Louisiana District Judge G. Thomas Porteous ...

Even though "high crimes & misdemeanor" standard for impeachment, fits "some" and not "others" guilty of WORSE practices; who rangle their way to keep jobs & FAT pensions.

Must have had "one" expensive meal - too many? Or maybe Democrats are in a hurry to appoint another Dem Judge, before in-coming GOP?
His defense argued that many of the practices — such as accepting favors & expensive meals — were common in Louisiana legal community. [read]

Kazinski at Volokh says:
"Judge Porteous was appointed by President Clinton in 1994. He was appointed to replace Judge Robert Collins who was impeached by the House in 1993, but resigned before he was tried by the Senate. Judge Collins was appointed by President Carter in 1978.

Given the history of this position in the E.D. La., perhaps it should be left open until a Republican President nominates someone for it."
Democrat's TAX-CODE writer was guilty of being "sloppy" rather than responsible for "criminal acts"... But this Judge (not defending him) likely suffered from alcoholism & Gambling addiction; which led to his "impeachment" and likely strip of all Federal benefits...

I’d like FULL investigation of all prior records of the House Ways and Means committee, ostensibly in charge of the United States tax code... And as pertains to Lawmaker's Individual Tax preparations... And why they kept him for so long, amidst today's NEW charges...

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