Blizzard Update; as mini ice-age continues (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Severe storms continue to [wreak havoc] on travel...
As [2010 blizzard] paralyzes most of NYC, Boston, etc...

Image from 1922 NOAA archives shows women being carried in the snow! Great!
Knickerbocker storm; Underwood & Underwood

-Caption: NOAA's (NWS Coll.)
-Loc: Washington, D. C.
-Date: 1922 January 27, 28

-Today, women likely run plows & shovel snow... [View]

Some residents face state penalty, and "walkway hazard" liability...[Read]
A horror, huge flaw, & "un-intended consequence, of gender equality?

-Image (r) Reuters: Woman shovels Walkway

Matt shows: 20" in Central Park, 24" in Brooklyn, 24.2" in Newark, 16.5" in Boston, 31.8" in Elizabeth, NJ... MORE...

-WSJ Video: Latest Update...
-News Hub: Storm Wreaks Havoc on Travel 12/27/2010 | 9:28:30 AM

Scott McCartney takes a look at airport and airline delays resulting from the blizzard; & what stranded travelers can do to navigate the situation.

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