Bill omits "homosexuality" language in Clinton's §654 of U.S.C. Title 10 (DADT)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Adds no language to Clinton's DADT Defense Directive [PDF]
Military code of moral & ethical conduct, remain un-changed.
Despite the social "politics" ACE explains:
"Military will make it work. They always do." [read]

-Attached to Mil Spending Bill: H.R. 2965 [PDF]
It is fair to note that BOTH U.S. Civilians & Military, STILL do not welcome GOV evasions of their privacy... As was the message, in NOV! (DADT likely shields 'war gays' from enemy)

From [Hotair] Lindsey Graham to Obama in his floor speech today: "If anything goes wrong...
"You own it"
-This nullify has less to do with over-all Military, more to do with Leftist goals; as evidenced in politics, and a corrupt Media; (ETC.)

What is disturbing, is the Progressive far-left's numerous pursuits of invariably the same objects; as prohibited in our founding documents.
Is it really a vote if a Majority keeps voting, and voting, until they reach a yes... And then passes the law? ...The Constitution is the will of the people...
-"Lame Duck 111th" is NOT the voice of the people! [Video]

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