Leftists go unhinged during lame-duck; as more 'train-wreck' sails through Senate

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Unclear Tax policy leaves Business unsure how to balance... As earnings of $250,000 could see an approx. $74,000 (add tax) w/out increased income. Yet, Dem's move to cram censorship and food prohibition bills...
Image: Balancing Act: 1920; USA

-And now families are [violated!]
This is a bad nightmare, of which there seems to be no immediate awakening... Dems claim to be in [disarray] over "tax-cuts"... But notice, there's little word about "deep cuts" in spending... Only words about Congressional "seat-cuts" in the 2012 election...
Children will need Psychiatric help, after this Congress... Meanwhile, extra tax for (so-called) "Rich" will impact increased job-loss, and consumer costs... As "Tax-cuts" become "Dem Tax increases", affecting all Americans. #

-Insane film, in an Insane world... (ht/Maetenloch)

This Administration is the most oppressive government we have ever had to suffer... They disliked Bush's Home Security bill so much, they made a horror "1984 version"... by expanding it.
Today's Links...
-Web Censorship Bill Sails Through Senate Committee: [read]
-COICA: Giving Government the power to shut down [dissent]

-Dems delay (D) [corruption] cases; crooks [keep seats]
-Video: Dem's border waffles continue, dangerous peril [view]

-Food Tyranny Act; U.S. Senate: [Bill S 510]
On Senate Floor for lame Duck Vote:
Bill Outlawing gardening and saving seeds; eliminating the right to produce, distribute, and consume the foods of our choice; discontinuing right to life and liberty under the Constitution.

-Constitutional Amendment proposal to streamline legislative repeals to hit Congress soon - [read]

-Lead Author of IPCC 4th Report: Yeah, Global Warming Regulation Is Primarily A Vehicle For Global Redistribution of Wealth [Ace]

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