Interesting Perspective on "Hope"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Positive thought for the day...
If world seems out of control, it's probably a good thing. :D (haha)

Some truths here-in, as we view one elitist group's failed attempts to build manufactured and subservient society (via massive ethnic work-force) within a free country... Being not likely the form of "hope" as was initially perceived.

An old video from the (70's 80's?) from none-the-less interesting and insightful Terence McKenna, who offers an examination of of Hope... And from what I understand here, probably after taking d-o-p-e....
This (in my view) is very sad...

His opening of the mind, comes from a higher intellect; but not due to mind altering drugs... As was the final conclusion, when herb treatments for irreversible brain tumor, failed...

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