"Green" racism: US Dem Progressives profile by race; to support agenda (Video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

I must have missed this (2009) video of Boxer ... Seems odd that Congress barely topped 19% approval, but managed to elect key members of Obama Agenda toward "cap" earnings, & "trade" jobs (CO2) Legislation...

Boxer: "You’re Black, take your classification."
Almost looked like it was shifting to possible extortion (3:55)

Obama's Environment and Public Works Chairman (Boxer) was a guarantee that no other Candidate would win in California..."Rubber stamp" energy Tax profiteering; costing U.S. families thousands; bringing his Cronies billions.

I urge the examination of votes for California Senate, prior to NBC's announcement of a Boxer win... And (video) incident of racial profiling.

Remembering that the Obama Admin accused the Chamber of Commerce (small business USA) of being a front for Foreign Corporations; and a threat to our Democracy... While Obama Dem "Progressives" hired Unions to campaign, and implement a mandatory Union vote for their CO2 Cronies...

Green machineries are being manufactured 85% of the time outside the US due to cheap labor.... (Profits for a few Corporatists = many job losses)

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