WH over-looks its own Foreign donations; taunts "largely middle-class" Corporate donations to GOP

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Obama WH issues a platform which contends that "Foreign" Corporate election donations are a ["Threat to our Democracy"]

All of this is sort of rich, since Dem's true target is (middle class) "Corporate" America; stuck with the Tax on trillions of bailout... Now donating millions to GOP, to stop Dems from yet even MORE, Tax-increasing legislation. UPDATE: [read]

Democrats Take in Twice as Much Foreign Money as GOP
Dems raise more than $1 million this cycle from foreign... [read more]

MSNBC reports on Democrat's unsecured Internet election contributions; and Foreign donations...
-Video: Real Clear Politics [Here]

Update: WH emails, & makes corrections on MSNBC: [Video]

It all comes down to...
Obama WH doesn't trust you with your own money:
New Law poised to force small businesses to file 1099 forms related to the health care law on every $600 they spend, a little "revenue offset" intended to track business income. [read]

For the record, "Middle Class" small business more often hold "Corporation status" for Insurance purposes, business structuralization, asset protection, easier Tax accounting, and the list goes on...
-Here's the threat to Democracy:
Obama's Hope & Change model is for FULL "Unionization."
As bailouts go to support the union jobs; money comes back to Obama in campaign contributions...

During this election, UNION (SEIU) spent at least $200,000, this cycle, to attack Republicans... [read]

Off the record... After this election, AFSCME will be in violation of the Hatch Act... One ought to take a look at how Dems are hoping to change the standard of living by widening the lower classes...

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