(R) Murray (VA-8) debates state issues; (D) Moran takes swipe at Military public service

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Murray brings Honor & Courage to VA.
-Video: The Mission: [view]
-Read: The Platform: [here]
-Donate: [murray4Congress]

Insulting statements coming from a career Politician, elected "decades" too long; as evidenced in the massive trail of state deficits.

VIDEO: More debate-[view]

(D) Rep. Moran:
Serving in the military isn't public service [read]
Washington Examiner (blog)

Insulting our Military Men and Women... And then stereo-typing Cherokee Indians; who are against big Gov; Just like his distinguished opponent...
Cherokee Indian, (R) Ret Lt. Col Patrick Murray...

Video Caption: Jim Moran Thinks American-Indians Live on Reservations and Work at Casinos ---- His Opponent Responds.

Another Government fossil... Vote them out!

-UPDATE: Just posted from ace:
Jim Moran: "My Opponent Hasn't Done Any Public Service, And Has Just Taken A Government Check for 20 Years" [read]
(The Campaign for Lt. Col. Murray, is now, top priority)

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