NASA Astronauts arrive for Discovery's 39th and final launch

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

NASA Readies Shuttle Discovery for Final Mission
Voice of America - Suzanne Presto - ‎Oct 22, 2010‎
NASA says Discovery has flown into space more than any other craft, with 38 trips and 352 days in orbit. Discovery has traveled more than 230 million... [read]
Image: NASA Matt Stroshane/Getty

Astronauts (seen here) having arrived 10:27:10 at the shuttle landing facility for their scheduled November 1 launch to the International Space Station...Post terminal countdown demonstration test, Oct 15th [image]

[More of] Steve Lindsey, Nicole Stott, Eric Boe, Al Drew, Mike Barratt

Few contest the stark contrast with the numerous, successfully unfolding Space programs of the last 8 years, under the Bush Administration... Not excluding Bush "first time in history" orbiters, planet finders, climate research & exploration crafts; of which DATA will mature in the next two years...

Americans looking forward to new elections in (2010/12)...

Here's NASA's next-generation, five-segment solid rocket test... NASA's goal of pressing forward to optimize every aspect of the system for peak performance. NASA Team is responsible for developing robust propulsion system.

Earlier form NASA...
"Tests such as DM-2 allow our team to improve and enhance existing technology essential to maintaining America's preeminence in space, even as we look to new designs, new materials and new technologies with the potential to transform the future of human spaceflight." -NASA's Schorr [read]
Today's Links...
Stranded, Stubborn Mars Rover Actually Makes A Big Discovery
Gizmodo Australia - Kyle VanHemert - ‎1 hour ago‎
To recap: Spirit, one of two plucky Mars Rovers that had finished their initial missions in 2004 and had embarked upon, as NASA calls them, “bonus missions” ...

Bushels of Buckyballs Found in Space
Discovery News - Irene Klotz - ‎7 hours ago‎
... Ariz., told Discovery News. Stanghellini's team looked at 250 targets with NASA's Spitzer infrared space telescope and found buckyballs in four of them, ...
Buckyballs found in another galaxy TG Daily
Three Planetary Nebulae Found to Contain Buckyballs Softpedia
US astronomers discover buckyballs in space Xinhua

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