Digital Renaissance Art, inspired by Classical Painter, Bouguereau

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Raffy Dematawaran's digital time-lapse painting (below) amazingly captures the style & expression... Depicted here, in the classical Renaissance works of traditionalist painter, Bouguereau...

Bouguereau painted 826 paintings, & used his influence to open many French art institutions to women for the first time. (Academie francaise)

Image: Work Interrupted 1891
(William-Adolphe Bouguereau)

-Both in choice of music & circumstance.
BIO: Degas and his associates used the term "Bougeuereaute" in a derogatory manner to describe any artistic style reliant on "slick & artificial surfaces."

-Bouguereau's Fame and Fall...
Even though Bouguereau was highly esteemed by the Belgium, Holland, Spain, & United States elite; commanding high prices for his work...
-He was simultaneously reviled by the avant-garde...
-Symbolically he painted figures appealing to rich art patrons of his time; however, critics preferred Jean-Francois Millet's farmers & laborers.

-The Bio goes on to say....
In 1900, Degas and Monet reportedly named him as most likely to be remembered as the greatest 19th-century French painter by the year 2000; according to Chairman Fred Ross of the Art Renewal Center...

"Although with Degas' famous trenchant wit, and the aesthetic tendencies of the two Impressionists, it is possible the statement was meant as an ironic comment on the taste of the future public." [read]

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