Dems Bolster long-shot "3rd Parties" at odds w/ Dem Agenda; to siphon (R) Votes (NYT)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

It's the Chicago way...
Democrats are now redistributing the Vote...
But what have "Victimized" Democrats brought us in the last four years, as controllers of the purse strings of both Senate, & House?

-AND REMEMBER... Your family "Corporation" Campaign donations are a "threat to our Democracy"... Depending on how you vote...(Sarcasm)

Democrats Back Third Parties to Siphon Votes NYT
ORLANDO, Fla. — Seeking any advantage in their effort to retain control of Congress, Democrats are working behind the scenes in a number of tight races to bolster long-shot third-party candidates who have platforms at odds with the Democratic agenda but hold the promise of siphoning Republican votes. [read more]

Stunner. SEIU Offshoot ‘Mi Familia Vota’
-Caught With 6,000 Bogus Colorado Voter Registrations
-VIDEO: Gateway

Commenter said:
"Dead people can vote (for democrats), so why not non-citizens?"
-Portland, Maine, weighs letting noncitizens vote: [read]

In other stories...
-What Would be the Biggest Tax Mistake This Year? Tax Prof Blog:
(---) Expiring Bush-era tax cuts, the estate tax, the Alternative Minimum Tax, capital-gains taxes and more... [read full]

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