Debunking Dem's “Bush drove the car into the ditch" claim; using FULL charts (video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

The infamous "ditch story" shows American ignorance of the "Majority Congress" who control policy & spending... As "unpredictable policy" finds DEM Majority Congress (2007-10) still in the driver-seat, today!

-Video 1: Current White House CEA Chairman, makes inaccurate chart representations using partial figures which curiously exclude the Bush's 46 months as,"2nd longest job growth in history" [+7.9M jobs]

To better explain this, Hennessy corrects the errors on the White House "White Board" ... (summary comparison, at end of clip.)

The graphs show 6 months of (2008) campaigning on a weaker economy; and effects of policy which represent "tax threat for job creators"; driving petal-to-metal job-loss after 2009...
Wasn't he in my S. Monica (L.A.) prof. Actor's class?

NOTE: Bush's attempts to VETO Democrat entitlement spending, bring Majority Dems to Soc. Sec reform, and efforts to reign-in the (Left's) Fannie & Freddie, were unsuccessful... But figures show that Bush (in fact) SLOWED THE CAR... As evidenced in today's (post Bush) "unconstrained" Left Congressional policy, of mass spending.

-Video 2: Here's a six year old, sharing his understanding of the effects of stripping the Bush Tax-cuts... Such a shame.

-My view: "Redistribution policy" put unaided Mortgages at risk; as Carter's Reinvestment act, and deregulation of derivatives via the Commodity Modernization act of 2000 (under Democrat Congress) spread through-out the entire financial sector...

Those who refused to reign it in, via 100% Democrat vote; should be held accountable, as (we now find) were heavily involved in the financial benefits of insistent use of securitization, used to spread risks... Motivated by massive campaign donations...


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