Post Updated: End ARRA & Gov fraudster programs; so private investors can evolve the technology of our future

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-UPDATE: GOV has a role in providing Tax incentives, but is a failure at running opperations... If we are to move to technologies, such as electric, post-asphault infastructure; Gov must make it a safe place for private sector innovators/investors to move us to the next level...

BAILOUT FAILURES brought bureaucracy-related GOV delays; as evidenced in the massive fraud, waste, & mismanagement, of Dem Congress: "SHOVEL READY DISASTERS."

GOV Tax-cut incentives, OK... Triple Taxation schemes...NO!
-Solar Roadways WINS GE Ecomagination Challenge: [read]

A brainchild of Scott and Julie Brusaw...Entrepreneurs with a unique concept to make roads out of recyclable solar panels.
Image: [Solarroadways.com]

(Cont.) ...(---) And which instantly caught the attention of the Challenge community... This award marks the first winner of the Challenge, which has attracted more than 3,500 ideas... [more]

-Another private company takes a concept to the next level...
U.S. private sector investors, are looking forward to the election of a less restrictive new PRO-BUSINESS, 2010 CONGRESS!

I see overpass high-rise freeway systems, complete with "plug-in" stations; connecting our (post consumerism) shopping malls...

Perhaps we'll trigger new migration of "Mall" office, and business production space; bringing about a NEW ERA; as we exit the down-turn; and the inevitable effects of Chinese Manufacturing protectionism; which will push us to its own "U.S. production"...

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