Adventure of retracing ancient history is, in itself, a remarkable journey

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Of the past, man strives to unravel the mysteries of mythology, as is woven into the giant tapestry of geography and history... Be it told in petroglyphs, or written in the sky; it is testimony as to how fragile the ages are... And just how frequently 'shifts in earth's surface' have redefined cultures...

In late November 1994, Dr. Thor Heyerdahl saw the little Republic of Azerbaijan's past, in the familiar designs of Norway, through boat petroglyphs, of the ancient caves of Gobustan (30 mi w of Baku); not far from Baku...

Image: 'Viking Swords Shore' of Hafrsfjord, Norway

Lovely music for a Sunday...
There is obviously more here, but the Adventure of retracing the past is, in itself, a remarkable journey...

Adventurer Thor Heyerdahl (October 6, 1914 - April 18, 2002) was a Norwegian anthropologist, ethnographer, not likely to be forgotten...

The oldest history of earth's past, and most ancient civilizations known to mankind#... Are but descendants of another culture...

-More on ancient civilizations, later... :D [Phoebe Saturn IX]

NASA & NSF-[ First Potentially Habitable Exoplanet]

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