Update: As Earl Creeps up the Coast

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

So far experts have stated Earl's possible path of 100 miles from shore… As last 28 hours, cat 4 to 5; Earl has more than doubled speed.

-Storm Pulse: [track]

One hopes cold currents will alter Earl's trajectory eastward; to dissolve into the sea... Astro Wheels has this Image from ISS!

Outer Bank evacuations underway...
-Video: Hurricane Earl grazes St. Croix [view]
-Hurricane 5 creeps past their home...

-Hope I'm wrong, but cold air past Bermuda-point, looks like a 3 or 4, serious swipe to Boston. [view]

Today's Links...
Video:Nissman's (News 2) footage made Main-stream: [video]

-Wrong topic, but another Nissman Video:
Video: "Honeyman" of St. Croix... :D [view]

-Be safe people.. Our prayers are there with you.....

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