Remember in November: Millions 'Coast to Coast', rally for cut-back on WH spending!

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Image: Andrew Marcus (via: gateway)
"Sea of Patriots against WH rising Debt & Over-taxation policies"

Liberal Projections of a Stimulus Economy -VS- Reality: [image]
Democrat plans pulled from economy, instead of cut-back w/ reforms

DEM MEDIA tries to blur "Tea Party Tax Message" by pushing a (non-associated) story of an anti-Qu'ran, "Town Idiot Group of Fifty" ...
Tea Party Americans strongly condemned this group!

In my view Dem's Media is using Muslims for propaganda.
Flashback: (Video) Dem's, "Freddie & Fannie Reform is Racist"

As Dem Majority continues to refuse essential entitlement cutbacks; as SAME programs are retained, infused, and EXPANDED!

VOTE THEM OUT 2010/12!

Video: Dem Majority Cheers Crush of Bush Soc Sec reform (2005) [view]

FACT: Privatization of Soc Security would have resulted in a redistribution of power from the state to tax-payers, thus enhancing personal freedom, promoting faster economic growth, and raise in savings rate...
-Translation: A must needed surplus for seniors!

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