Mass Corruption in Afghanistan; so let’s have a US Bail-out. Update: correction

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Last week Karzai appealed to the American tax payers to stop sending our hard earned dollars to fund these mafia types... This week it was the need for a Bail-out, amidst ramped Afghan corruption?? #

UPDATE: The bail-out story is now being disputed; but go figure... Democrats immediately blame a Conservative who just happened to place a [simple link] to a MSM report; which turned out to be "Lefty Media" Misinformation.... (Hahaha)

-Still most believe that it is true.... [video]
-But this does not change anything written below....

As 29% of Americans pay the bulk of U.S. Federal Tax...
-There are (3) HUGE elephants in the room...

-ONE: Fractions need US as a triangle between inadequately addressed issues within their own societies... And then both play hostile to our Nation.

The more thank-less the job, the "more and more" they receive assistance; which threatens the well-being of our OWN society... We're told that "we must do more to win hearts and minds"...

-TWO: An overwhelming majority of the world's suicide attacks, have occurred completely absent the presence of US troops… Yet, the continual blame of our brave soldiers; finds one-sided engagement rules which compromise troop's safety, in Afghanistan.

-THREE: The un-shrinkable reality of Muslim's inability to "dis-invite and de-select" Radical Islamist fracturalization; poses a worse problem for Muslim's in America, than 67% of concerned Americans, painted as Bigots by big-business developments & corrupt U.S. Media... -More triangularization...

On every continent, it is Muslim's voices that Islamists target; while these extremists claim to be "defenders of resistance to resistance."
--Old video, "repeat theme."

Today's Links...
-Video: US CIC (Obama) embraces the Troop-bashers: [view]
-Pink gives Obama petitions from Afghan Females, for troop withdraw?

Karzai: -Women's rights will not be sacrificed: [read.]

-Video: This is illegal & intolerable by our Constitution: [view]

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