Freedom is important in the divine scheme of things; we urge you to defend it, always

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

It's your wealth, if Gov doesn't take it.
That's not what Ben Franklin had in mind... He'd be shocked at the suggestion that money not paid in Taxes is a gift from Government. [read]
-Image: Constitution; "Miss me Yet?"

-Video: Does Gov start at 100% tax? [view]

-Video: Global Flat Tax Revolution (Dan Mitchel) VIEW!

We strive to create a just society of which liberty of the individual is respected... And where triple taxation and targeted tax no longer infringe upon the principals of Freedom, as enshrined in our Constitution...

-Video below (r) -Disturbing, but true... (narrator unknown)

Only GOV would use disproportionate taxation under the name of equal rights; for the purpose of vote-buying & side earnings for a small group of Bureaucrats... Enriching elitist's interests at the expense of our future... While passing along inflationary Tax, onto the poor...

-Stand together, Reform together...
-Vote the progressives out! (2010/12)

-End Cap & Trade... And Dem's Mae & Mac tax-payer abuse: *<[;o)~

Today's Links...
-Boehner Presses Pelosi on Full Extension of Tax Rates...[read]
Job creators without clarity = more unemployment.

-VIDEO: Dan Mitchell on Govt. Unions vs. Taxpayers: VIEW.
Quick Kudlow interview w/ Dan (Cato Institute)...
UNIONS ARE THE REASON (for 40% of the budget deficit!)

-VIDEO: Debate representing Liberty: VIEW.
-We're all Reagans now... They're all Socialists, Communists, etc..

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