Unusually large coronal hole faces earth...

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

The effects of this will reach the planet around August 24th or 25th.... alerts change of auroras, upon arrival...
-submit photos. #

NOTE: post updated, & threat down-sized, after speaking with Dr. "H" ...But one might want to secure work-around to ease functionality issues; in event of future infrastructure impact.

-Current solar images at: SDAC
-More at:Sdo.gsfc.nasa

Earlier from
"Depending on the strength, increased worldwide earthquake activity will follow." (?!) I've yet to see anything which substantiates this claim.

One of the largest of many years, the coronal hole (now facing earth) allows solar wind to escape & reach space, as an opening in Sun's magnetic field. View.

Image: NASA: SDO/AIA (gif-via Freeps)

Of course, good news... Our problem is precisely the opposite of the video, below (Haha)... As there is every indication that imminent "solar storms" will be our current experience...
Exact extent of severity, yet unknown.

Silly old film, I know.... :)

It is said that with the enormous wind speeds in our solar system and on gas planets; we are starting to unravel the extent of how human/earth presence contributes to the kinetic...

But holographically speaking... Doesn't it seem like we are already affected by many internal storms going on within our experience, here on earth?

Today's Links...
Video: SOHO (CME) capture: VIEW.
6/5-6/10, circular (CME) flare; ejected over a billion tons of matter, at millions of miles per hour...

Double Trouble...
8/14/10, magnetic field connecting two sunspot groups, erupted (minor C-class) flare) hurling radiation, particles, & mag field into space. Read.

(More later.) Leaving Ontario Airport, in 2 hours :)

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